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BeforeTheMovie® offers cinema advertising. Let our creative team help bring your business to life by creating engaging ads that showcase your brand to a targeted audience.



All of the latest data from the Cinema Ad Council (CAC) and other independent agencies (IMMI, Nielsen, Arbitron and more) show Cinema advertising delivers higher recall than any other media.


Best Value

The recall rate on Cinema Advertising is 7X greater than TV and other forms of traditional media. It is the one medium of advertising that has realized continued growth and plays before a captive audience.

More than 30 million viewers on over 1,100 screens

The BeforeTheMovie® pre-show airs to more than 30 million viewers annually and represents theatrical exhibitor partners across America with more than 1,100 screens.

With thousands of clients, BeforeTheMovie® is the most comprehensive and trusted Cinema Advertising firm on the market.

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An affluent, engaged, captive Audience

Imagine having an attentive, captive and local audience, with recall values 7x that of TV and other traditional advertising mediums for rates less than newspaper, radio or cable TV watching your ad!

Best Advertising Value

  • Hollywood is spending billions of dollars promoting in every advertising medium to get people to the movies
  • Movies are the #1 adult leisure activity! 77% of people in the U.S. attend movies
  • Cinema advertising is 43,200 times larger than your business card and in full motion
  • Brand awareness has been proven to last up to one week after viewing
  • Cinema ads are played before every movie, on every screen, every day
  • Moviegoers are highly educated peer leaders, with median household incomes above $86,000
  • On average, moviegoers arrive 19 minutes ahead of showtime and attend 1.8 movies per month
  • Moviegoers are 44% more likely to remember cinema ads than TV and other traditional media.

We have been advertising with BeforeTheMovie® for more than 3 years now and our results have been extraordinary. I can’t tell you how many times people have said that they have seen the spot on the big screen and remember the message! I can recommend BeforeTheMovie® and cinema advertising to government agencies and businesses alike!

Brad Sherwood
Public Information Officer, Sonoma County Water Agencys

BeforeTheMovie® has been an excellent advertising option for us and they provide the CAPTIVE AUDIENCE we want to reach. The ad created by BeforeTheMovie® has excellent graphics and sound which gets the audiences attention and draws them in. We have made new customers, which we can credit to BeforeTheMovie®. The ad has more than paid for itself! The best money we have ever spent for advertising is on the big screen with BeforeTheMovie®.

Dan Ingrum
Owner/Jeweler, Danz Jeweler

We advertise on the big screen with BeforeTheMovie® and absolutely love the production value! We believe it showcases our product in a way no other media can ON A FORTY FOOT SCREEN!

Jason McEachron
President, McEachron Construction

Ad agencies are always looking for the most cost-effective ways to communicate our clients' messages to their target markets. For years, I have found cinema advertising to be a very effective way to get the message across. With the right blend of music, animation, visuals and graphics, we have been able to create real sales excitement for our clients. Cinema advertising is a valuable marketing tool that consistently provides great results at a competitive price. I suggest cinema advertising to my clients, and recommend BeforeTheMovie® and cinema advertising to any business that wants to target, and motivate, the movie audience.

Art Reker
Owner, Armadillo Advertising

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