Our Services

Our Services

Our prosperity is only the reflection of success realized by our clients who have chosen to invest in cinema advertising. Our team creates high quality digital cinema ads that highlight what makes you special!  We have simplified the process in creating your ad. Depending on the chosen location your ad will play from hundreds to thousands of times a month at a per-play rate much lower than most other mediums of advertising. We bring your business to life on a 40 foot screen in front of all the Hollywood blockbusters!

BeforeTheMovie® employs the newest digital video and post-production technologies to replace the traditional methods and antiquated tools of film and television production. We accomplish this by embracing new ideas, new innovations, and new technologies.

Video Services

Our creative team uses the latest technologies to design result-driven ads that are screen-ready for new customers.


Why Cinema?

Cinema engages the viewer. Cinema advertising reaches those who are conventional media ad avoiders and those who no longer use traditional mediums of media. In today’s world the average age of television viewers is 54 years old, the vast majority of households no longer get the paper and no longer listen to traditional radio. Newspapers have gone to select day publications or folded all together due to the drop in readership. Radio has been replaced with personal music playlists and advertisement free purchased stations. The cinema audience is 157% more likely to see ads at the cinema compared to other media measured. After viewing an ad at the cinema movie-goers have an unaided recall rate of 91% up to one week after going to the movies. Movie-goers are more upscale, more technically savvy and better educated than the general population. A valuable target for advertisers seeking specific and hard to reach consumer.

The Research

The theater experience is a communal bonding event. Movie going is important to consumers and is a destination medium enjoyed with friends and family. The average annual household income across the county has risen to $86,000. On average 73% of movie-goers typically combine other activities such as eating and shopping with movie-going.

The more technologically advanced, the more movie viewership at the theater and via devices. Cinema audience’s affluence translates into more spending on automotive, financial services, entertainment and technology.

On average, consumers arrive at the theater 19 minutes ahead of time. Cinema advertising is ideal for branding and image appeal. There’s a tremendous benefit to the advertiser if the content is created for the cinema and creative is designed with the theater audience in mind. The cinema audience delivers a wide variety of consumers.